Spin Master Bowling Out Now from Rubicon Development.

Spin Master Bowling is a fantastic new 10 pin bowling game with a unique swipe based control that allows for fast non-stop bowling action. No messing around with spin and direction controls, it's all done with a single swipe!

You can choose from Classic mode, with all the standard scoring that goes with it, or select 'Arcade Mode' and try to create the perfect bowl and get the 10X multiplier, they key to awesome scores. In Arcade Mode extra points are awarded for bowling with speed speed and more importantly, spin.

This of course is coupled with extra arcade style visuals!

Feel like you need to show your friends just how good you are? Simply play and Arcade game and after achieving a massive score, challenge you friends to beat it!

Download and play for FREE!


  • Unique gesture mechanics, swipe to bowl and add spin with one gesture.
  • Arcade Mode with score multipliers and strike bonuses and arcade style effects.
  • Classic Mode featuring standard score mode for the purists.
  • Challenge your friends on Facebook to beat your score!
  • Leaderboards to rank you against your friends.
  • Upload Strike replays to Facebook for fellow players to view.
  • Pass and Play mode (2 players on one device)
  • Vs AI mode with 5 difficulty settings.
  • Achievements ranging from simple to ultra tough.

Out Now!

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