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'Where Great Big War Game truly shines is in the sheer depth of the package itself'

Great Big War Game offers up true hexagonal strategy on a small screen. The core land/sea/air units are tuned to perfection, making every battle a close tug-of-war. But where Great Big War Game truly shines is in the sheer depth of the package itself. 50 single-player missions, online turn-by-turn multiplayer will keep gamers busy for countless hours. Great Big War Game also never takes itself too seriously, ensuring the hours-long campaign always keeps a smile on your face. more...

Winner of Best mobile strategy game of 2012

'Winner of Best mobile game of 2012'

Before I get underway, I should like to apologize to my bosses for having not written the review for Great Big War Game much sooner. You see, I kind of got hooked and was too busy playing over the last few days to be responsible and write. So sorry. more...

Winner of Best mobile game of 2012

'We've been playing Great Big War Game for days now, and it's not letting up'

An excellent turn-based strategy title that's perfectly suited for mobile, but that also has enough depth and longevity that you look at the tiny price-point, think of people who moan about iOS games being too expensive, briefly consider how crazy said people are on the evidence of this very game. more...

Score: 5/5 Stars

'Bit presumptuous to call it great. Oh wait, it is pretty great.'

GBWG has that big new thing in the shape of asynchronous multiplayer. You can play against people the world over, and you donít both have to be sat with phone/tablet in hand all the time the game is on. Turn, send, wait for their response, rinse and repeat. And itís even better than we might have guessed. A truly brilliant game. more...

Score: 5/5 Stars

'Great Big War Game is funny, simple to control, with a diverse assortment of actually well balanced units, filled with massively high production values.'

If you like hex-based strategy games then you should more or less get this immediately, as you're simply not going to find a game in this genre on the iOS that got more care put into it than Great Big War Game. If - on the other hand - you don't like turn based strategy games like this, you should still consider trying Great Big War Game as its of such amazing production values and gameplay balance that its truly in a class all on its own. more...

Score: 5/5 Stars

'Great Big War Game continues where its prequel left off with the same great turn-based tactical action that we've grown to love.'

With the inclusion of asynchronous multiplayer, Rubicon has done a great job implementing the one feature missing from GLWG. When you include the large single player campaign, skirmish mode and maps, along with the excellent gameplay from its predecessor, there's very little to complain about in Great Big War Game. It's simply an amazing turn-based strategy game and a worthy sequel to the series. more...

Score: 5/5 Stars

'Everything about this game is awesome.'

Fans of strategy board games and other turn-based gaming will love the way this little big war game plays. The price is reasonable. There is no reason not to have this game on your iPad. more...

Score: 5/5 Stars

'It's the best strategy game I have ever seen, it's funny, it has very good graphics, many missions and many maps.'

Multiplayer is a great addition to Great Big Ware Game compared with Great Little War Game ,the multiplayer mode is asynchronous. more...

Score: 10/10

'Finding another Strategy game with the amount of charm and astounding gameplay on the iOS is near impossible.'

One of the biggest titles in iOS Turn-Based Strategy games, ironically enough named Great Little War Game, has finally come out with the sequel, Great Big War Game, and this time, Rubicon isn't messing around. more...

Score: 5/5 Stars

'Great Big War Game takes everything we loved about the first game and spit-shines it into one of the best strategy games on iOS. '

Great Big War Game is a deeply compelling, turn-based strategy game that made us chuckle while we lobbed grenades at enemy troops. more...

Score: 4 out of 4

Editor's Choice: 'I'd normally say something like, "If you like this type of game, you should..." But, in the case of Great Big War Game that's not necessary. Just buy it, plain and simple.'

Great Big War Game is a standout among war games on any platform and an enormous iPhone title by any right. Start digging into the massive campaign and you might be missing out on other iPhone games for a long, long while. more...

Score: 9.5/10 "Amazing"

'Awesome Visuals, Comedy, and Replay value make this game a must have for Strategy Fans.'

If there is one aspect of this game that stands out above all others it would definitely be replay value. You can spend endless hours playing the Career mode, multiplayer, and a 'skirmish' which is a battle against the enemy AI. more...

Score: 9.5/10

'Great Big War Game is an essential download for any fan of the strategy genre.'

Great Big War Game follows a standard set of turn-based strategy rules, making it easy for experienced individuals to pick up.more...

Score: 92/100

'Great Big War Game is a fantastic follow-up title, with a very lengthy campaign and the same fun graphics and humor that made the first one so entertaining.'

It would be a mistake to lump in Great Big War Game in with the rest of hex-based strategy games Ė the amazing balancing of units and lengthy missions really put it a notch above many of its genre counterparts. more...

Score: 4.5/5 Stars

Editor's Choice: 'Great Big War Game is a superior sequel'

Great war, less war - who cares? How can we distinguish between these banal noise words in such a serious situation.more... (in German).

Score: A-

'Rubicon has done it again with Great Big War Game, the sequel to the wildly successful Great Little War Game.'

The gameplay is just as addictive as before, but now there are more units to play with, greater challenges to deal with, and a new variety of missions and maps to complete. more...

Score: 4.5/5 Stars

'This is a wonderful game. Accessible yet challenging, deep yet simple, light-hearted yet seriously engaging, Great Big War Game is the war game on Android and iOS.'

Great Big War Game's main draw is its campaign. Not only is it massive, it's finely tuned. The learning curve is gentle without making things boring. more...

Score: 4.5/5 Stars

'Not downloading it is damn near criminal.'

We can't recommend Great Big War Game enough. It's one of the deepest, most entertaining titles on the App Store and Google Play, with an untold number of hours to invest. And with the promise of future updates, this is simply the best overall value for your money. more...

Score: 4.5/5 Stars

'Replay value is outstanding, as the AI is surprisingly clever and a worthy adversary with multiple difficulty levels. '

Graphically, the colorful and cartoonish style can betray the deep strategy and necessary violence inherent in seeking victory through battle, but it also makes the game more palatable for the masses. Likewise, the humor further enhances the whimsical side of the game. more...

Score: 4.5/5 Stars

App of the Week 'The multiplayer mode is where the fun really starts though, offering either Pass and Play gameplay, or the option to pit your wits against someone online.'

GBWG has a graphical style that's easy to overlook, due to its cartoony nature. However, this is a beautifully-presented game. The environments are varied and the explosions are in-your-face. All this is supplemented by smart quips from your troops and a catchy military-band soundtrack that keeps you constantly absorbed in the gaming experience. more...

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