Free Slots - Cupcake Frenzy Out Now!

Mouth watering cupcakes that payout when you match 3 or more? What's better than that?!

Cupcake Frenzy is a new Vegas style casino slots game that unfolds around you as you play. Racking up the big wins also gains you experience points (xp), which allow you to 'Rank Up', which in turn reveals new game features. There's always something new to aim for as you pump in more free coins.

And what's more, it has cupcakes in it. Mmmmm cupcakes....

  • 35+ Rank Up Rewards - Each time you rank up, a new feature or other way to win big is revealed, and you don't find that in any casino. Typical rewards are extra pay lines, extra mini games, bigger bonuses, etc. Keep a special lookout for the Cherry Bomb!
  • 25 Pay Lines - Cupcake Frenzy starts out with a manageable 5 pay lines, but some early rank up rewards soon swell that to a frenzied 25. That's when the combo jackpots and epic wins really start to pile up.
  • Scatter Bonus - Our reels are packed to bursting with bonus scatter symbols. Get 4 anywhere in view to start the bonus game which ofers minigames to play, spot prizes to win, and a variety of other payouts that increase as you play. You will also see a lot more cupcakes here. Mmmmm cupcakes....
  • Wildcards - Each reel has a generous amount of wildcards that extend your winning power and leads to plenty of big combo payouts. Can you hit the 7 wins in one spin achievement?
  • Mini Games - Revealed by ranking up, we also present two mini games for your winning pleasure. There is a mild skill element to these, not to mention lots of cupcakes. (Oh, we did actually mention that after all)
  • 100 Collectable Prizes - As if all those cupcakes wasn't enough, the bonus game also features a chance to win one of a hundred different prize toys each time. Collect these toys to earn achievements and also because it feels good. Almost as good as eating lots of cupcakes.
  • Achievements - As if all this cupcakery wasn't enough to keep you playing forever, there are also 35 different achievements to aim at. Some of these are easier to attain than others, so can you unlock them all?
  • Leaderboards - There's one thing better than eating cupcakes, and that's doing so in front of your friends and family. There are a few different leaderboards to compare notes with, so make sure you get to the top of at least one of them.

NB: Leaderboards (and showing Achievements online) requires a Google Play Services sign in, which you can find in the game's menu. A facebook version of these features is coming soon.

Disclaimer: No animals were deprived of their lucky horseshoes during the making of this game, but a lot of lucky shamrocks did get trampled.

What are you waiting for? Download and play today!

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